Rack and pinion steering products

Integrated rack and pinion units are available in eleven ratios, from 1 7/8″ (slow) to 4 1/2” (fast). Sweet Manufacturing is the only rack and pinion manufacturer to offer a 1 3/8” dual power cylinder that will produce smooth steering on ultra fast, high banked tracks like those in Winchester, IN; Bristol, TN; and Thompson, CT. Rack speed is measured in inches per turn. If you turn the pinion one time the rack will move between 1 7/8” (slow) and 4 1/2”(fast), which is stamped on the front of the housing next to the grease fitting.

Servo selection is left to the driver’s preference. A .185 servo will steer very “easy” and a .300 servo will steer extremely “hard.” All Sweet Manufacturing integrated rack and pinions use a 3/4″ – 30 spline input shaft. Our rack and pinion units are made in the USA with the finest available materials and each unit is hand assembled and tested to ensure the highest quality.

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