Stay current with the racing industry’s leading steering products

Sweet Manufacturing is dedicated to delivering the steering products that our customers need to gain a competitive advantage. Because of this, we’re continually performing research in an attempt to perfect them. Whether you’re interested in reading about our history in the racing industry or you’re aiming to learn more about how we manufacture, market, and test our products, you’ll find a wealth of information in the articles below.

Aerial top view of a "S" curve set of turns on a race kart track for auto racing.

Race on a Budget this Summer with Sweet Manufacturing

Sweet Manufacturing offers a great way to race on a budget through our scratch and dent / rebuilt parts inventory. With temperatures rising and summer fast approaching, our team will help you find what you need fast. We provide professionally remanufactured and rebuilt parts as well as slightly blemished and NOS racing parts for any…

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A race car in the middle of a turn on a dirt race track.

What are the Benefits of Power Steering?

If you have ever wondered why steering a car can be so easy when they are relatively heavy, you have the benefits of power steering to thank. Given the invention of the first automobiles happened in the late 1800’s, power steering systems have a similarly long history, with some of the first examples being made…

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Race car parts from Sweet Manufacturing lined up on a table, ready for shipping to dealers and distributors.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Race Car Parts this Spring

As we enter into spring, the build season wrapping up, ice breakers and summer events coming up fast you don’t want to wait to get what you need. Whether you are running a dirt late model, modified, sprint car, stock car, asphalt late model or east coast mod. Sweet Manufacturing’s sales team helps customers find…

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A steering box for race cars that has had steering box maintenance performed on it.

Work with a Trusted Team for Power Steering Box Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair are an inevitable and necessary part of the racing and performance industry. It is important to trust this to maintenance professionals and technicians. The power steering box provides a variety of functions including faster gear reduction for a more aggressive turning vehicle and hydraulic assist to provide the necessary amount of…

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A Sweet Manufacturing, Inc. rack & pinion component part sits on a cart, focused on by the camera with a blurry machine shop in the background.

Welcome to the New Website for Sweet Manufacturing, Inc!

If you have visited the website for Sweet Manufacturing, Inc. recently, then you may have noticed that we have a brand new look! Alongside this update in appearance, our new site also offers an extensive online store of racing parts that customers may browse through. Whether you regularly utilized our site before or occasionally visited…

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