The highest quality steering gears and boxes

Sweet Manufacturing offers sprint car steering gears that are proven to be the highest quality and most dependable. Using valving technology that is years ahead of the competition these gears are the lightest available. For the best results these gears should be paired with our sprint car power steering pump. Additionally, we offer Sportsman steering boxes with ratios from 6:1 to 16:1. The Sportsman boxes are offered in a 700 series, 3-bolt housing and are guaranteed to be the most durable steering box that you can find anywhere.

All 600 Series Sweet Manufacturing NASCAR steering boxes are offered in six ratios, from 6:1 (fast) to 17.5:1 (slow) and eight different valves from .185 (extra light) to .275 (heavy). Quality is assured via extensive testing on our own in-house steering box dyno. All boxes are centered and stamped with the exact degree of the pitman shaft, which allows the steering box to run on the center tooth and eliminates tight spots in travel.

All Steering Boxes

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