Repair and rebuild services for our steering products

Sweet Manufacturing offers power steering repair and rebuild services on all of our inventory for a nominal labor charge, plus the cost of any parts that may need replacing. Please send your merchandise to Sweet Manufacturing, accompanied by the repair form located below or a note describing what you want done. If your repair is urgent, you must indicate so in your note.

Repairs are done in order of arrival, with a typical lead time of three to five business days. In some cases, when absolutely necessary, we can repair and return steering products the same day they are received (weekdays only). Repairs can be billed to all major credit cards or paid via C.O.D. with a certified check. It is very important to include your name, return address, and phone number with all products submitted for repair. Any repaired parts left with us for more than 90 days will become property of Sweet Manufacturing.

When parts are received they will be disassembled cleaned and inspected (unless specified otherwise on repair form or note). If repair costs exceed 1/2 the price of a replacement you will be contacted with a quote. If less than 1/2 the parts will be repaired back to Sweet Manufacturing’s specs and you will be contacted for payment. If any changes or modifications are to be made it must be stated in the repair form or note, if changes are requested after reassembly you may be subject to additional labor costs.

Online Repair Worksheet

Repair Worksheet
Preferred Method of Contact
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Items left for repair for over 60 days with no contact from the customer will be sold or disposed of at our discretion. If you are unsure if you want your item(s) repaired we can return them to you if you pay freight.

Repairs must be sent in with a legible note explaining exactly what you want done with your item(s). Calling ahead does not count. Said note must include: name, phone number, and address.

Unless your note specifically states that you want your items “Tested Only” they will be disassembled, washed and repaired. If the repair cost exceeds 3/4 cost of new you will be contacted before repair is done. If you choose not to have repair done the parts will be returned unassembled at your expense. Sweet Manufacturing, Inc. can only accept Visa and Mastercard, also repairs can be return C.O.D. Cashiers Check or Money order. Sweet Manufacturing, Inc. has the right to charge a $50 fee for any refused or returned package.