Power steering pumps

The power steering pumps that we offer at Sweet Manufacturing are variable pressure pumps with a control valve, and each pump is tested and adjusted for quality. PSI ratings are maximum available pressure. Lower pressure and flow pumps are recommended for street use. In most racing applications, a 1000 psi, 3 GPM pump works well. When wheel loads are extremely high and in desert off-road conditions, a higher pressure pump is necessary. For the budget-minded race, we offer the Sportsman pump, which features new inner working components with a remanufactured steel housing. Supply hoses going into the pump should be 2 feet or less to avoid pump cavitation. Aluminum pumps are 1 pound lighter than steel.

Sweet Manufacturing now also offers a combination fuel and power steering pump that is capable of over 1700 psi and flows a consistent 3 gpm. The fuel pump was designed by Sweet Manufacturing and produced by Waterman Racing Products. The pump features a 300 gear that is capable of being run with both alcohol and gasoline.

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