A race car in the middle of a turn on a dirt race track.

If you have ever wondered why steering a car can be so easy when they are relatively heavy, you have the benefits of power steering to thank. Given the invention of the first automobiles happened in the late 1800’s, power steering systems have a similarly long history, with some of the first examples being made in the early 1900’s, and the first commercially available unit in the 1950’s. Modern manufacturers and suppliers continue to innovate and progress power steering systems to this day. So, what makes power steering such an appealing choice? First, we must look into what exactly it is, and what it does for drivers.

What is Power Steering?

Power steering is used to reduce the physical effort needed to steer a vehicle. This allows the vehicle to turn more easily, especially at lower speeds. Power steering comes in a variety of types, including hydraulic, electric, and hydroelectric power steering. All types of power steering systems work with the same goal to aid the rest of the steering system. Although each type has its benefits, for the demands of racing and other high-performance vehicles hydraulic assisted steering performs best. Therefore, that is what we at Sweet Manufacturing specialize in and what we will cover here.

Hydraulic Power Steering

This type of power steering system utilizes hydraulic pressure. This pressure comes from a hydraulic pump that is typically engine-driven, which, in turn, assists in the motion of turning the wheels. The type of pump used for this purpose has the name “power steering pump” since it is part of the greater power steering system. The pump, in combination with a servo, assist cylinder, and fluid reservoir work together to assist a mechanical steering gear and create a system that allows the driver to steer the vehicle more easily and with greater control. 

Benefits of Hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic assisted steering has a proven track record, and compared to other forms of assist it provides unmatched power and feel. This is why it remains the racing industry standard. It utilizes hydraulic pressure and a control valve (servo) to determine the amount of and direction of assist. Small changes in a valve’s torsion bar diameter and the volume of fluid can greatly change the assist characteristics or feel. This is especially important for racers, giving them options to not only assist in steering the vehicle but provide just the right amount of feedback to give them better awareness of the vehicle and track. This connection between the driver and vehicle has been proven to lead to a better performing and successful racing experience.

The Sweet Manufacturing Difference

Sweet Manufacturing tests every power steering rack, box, pump, servo, cylinder and more to ensure the best performance. No matter what kind of racing you’re doing, our team recommends the best parts for the best results. Having worked with drivers and chassis builders across all types of racing, we know what to recommend for your steering system for maximum performance. Our development team is always working to provide the most cutting-edge and reliable parts in the industry, like our new Can-Am quick release coupler or soon to come 600 Series Sportsman Steering Box. It’s innovations such as these and a dedication to your success behind the wheel, you won’t find a better experience than with Sweet Manufacturing.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current power steering system or are learning of the benefits of power steering for the first time, we encourage you to reach out! Our team will help you find the right fit for your vehicle for increased performance. Call today!