A steering box for race cars that has had steering box maintenance performed on it.

Regular maintenance and repair are an inevitable and necessary part of the racing and performance industry. It is important to trust this to maintenance professionals and technicians. The power steering box provides a variety of functions including faster gear reduction for a more aggressive turning vehicle and hydraulic assist to provide the necessary amount of power where it’s needed: the wheels.

With the power steering box being a critical component and the aggressive nature of motor sports, it follows that eventually it will need repair or maintenance. When your box begins to show signs of wear and tear, count on Sweet Manufacturing Inc. to return it to working order.

When do you need power steering box maintenance?

Steering boxes require regular maintenance, so here are certain things to look for to know when it is time.

Leaking fluid

A power steering box should never leak fluid. If it is, it is a good indicator that it needs repair. Typically, if a box is leaking it is due to damage to the box itself from a wreck, contact at the wheels, or even a rough track.

Hard spots

If a power steering box is damaged it can develop hard spots in the steering. A good way to check for this is with weight off the wheels (jack stands or lift) and the vehicle not running. The steering should be smooth from lock to lock. If there are noticeable binds, the pitman shaft, gearset, or both could be damaged.

Loose or wandering steering

Drivers often notice this problem when on a straightaway. If the vehicle wants to wander or is difficult to keep straight, it’s a sign the box is too loose. This could be from worn components or the box could be in need of proper adjustment.

Valve balance

The power steering should feel balanced. With weight on the wheels, and the vehicle running, the assist should feel the same from left to right. If it feels harder to steer in one direction over the other, it is a sign the valve assembly is damaged and will need to be replaced as part of a rebuild.


Finally, time can be a great determining factor for maintenance. The frequency will, of course, vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you are active and racing every weekend with multiple nights/shows, it is reasonable to have a box inspected, maintained, or repaired at least once a year.

If you have any of these indicators or just want your steering fresh for the upcoming season, feel free to contact the experienced technical team at Sweet Manufacturing Inc.